Vending machine with live reef tank display

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According to FIS (Fish Information & Services, a website for global seafood industry information)

Gomes da Costa, a national leader in sales of canned fish, has again introduced another innovation, the only vending machine in the world with an aquarium with fish and salt water corals.

The first non-refrigerated machine was installed earlier this month inside the restaurant Equilibrium, at the Academy of Competition, selling Gomes da Costa’s Tuna Salad line (three flavours: carrots, peas and potatoes – mayonnaise, potatoes and olives, and parsley and potato).

The vending machine, created by JWT, translates the brand concept: “The best of the sea for you” will be taken to strategic locations, such as gymnasiums; the vending machine has been built exclusively for Gomes da Costa. Instead of the cabinet showing the traditional products, the unprecedented machine will have an aquarium.

The fish will receive weekly attention by a team that specializes in aquariums. Vending machines are expected to be installed in gymnasiums and other transit points in line with the proposed product, which is joining the health-related implications and practicality.

via Practical Fishkeeping


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