Vendors Joining the PIJAC Fundraising Bandwagon

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reefs.comBattlePIJACThis is one bandwagon that I am incredibly pleased to see vendors jumping on. We recently shared that Cherry Corals offered a Zoanthid and Palythoa frag pack with all proceeds going towards the PIJAC Aquatic Defense Fund. To date MASNA has raised $6,055 for PIJAC through their donation link alone, and matched that up to the $5,000 mark, incredible! Unfortunately I noted that that’s from only 112 backers, so let’s get to it people. Yesterday Battle Corals joined the fun, offering “ten $100.00 grab bag packs… for anyone willing to donate a c-note to the cause.” Battle Corals owner Adam stated, “These will be random my choice, sight unseen packs but I guarantee no duds… I am not even interested in handling your money. If you can provide a receipt of your donation in this thread I’ll promptly send you out a sweet five piece acro pack. No shipping charge either.” They sold all ten packs within three hours. Note the image above is of a frag pack recently offered by Battle Corals, not necessarily the packs being shipped out.

Scott Fellman of Unique Corals commented on Cherry Corals frag pack saying, “Love the idea, the cause, and the people doing it. Please support this effort! This is the kind of stuff the hobby needs! Fantastic.” 

This is a sure sign of more vendors jumping on board to help PIJAC in the only way we can, donations. With that said, hobbyists should be donating without any incentive, as the incentive of keeping our industry self regulated is already there. Instead of going out and buying that next frag or fish, or upgrading a piece of equipment that you really don’t need, think of making a donation to PIJAC. Every little bit helps! They’ll be the one’s that ensure industry folks can continue to offer that next frag, fish or piece of equipment.

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