A company called Veritas Controls showed up at this year’s MACNA, presenting their range of LED fixtures for an aquarium hobby. Their booth had all three models targeted for different needs of fishkeeping enthusiasts. I’ve talked with the gentleman at the booth and he explained to me briefly what Veritas Control has to offer in terms of LED lighting.

The company’s flagship product is called Eclipse Smart and it’s a sleek looking panel packed with features and latest technology. It’s important to note that Veritas Control charge customer’s per foot of their top-shelf lighting (they can make a fixture in 1-6ft range) , which, according to the representative, is giving the buyer flexibility when choosing an adequate fixture for their tank. Eclipse Smart (and all other Veritas lights, for that matter) use Cree XP-E and X-PG diodes and every foot of it has an array of 16 chips- 4 white, 4 royal blue, 2 green and 2 red LEDs. Every color is dimmable independently,meaning that you can fine tune the output spectrum to your needs. Dimming is possible both manually, using controls on the fixture or wireless through free Windows, Android and OS-X app. The light communicates with the software using bluetooth connection. I’ve had a chance to test the Windows App in Veritas Control booth and I found it intuitive and simple to use, having some extra features like capability to schedule both light color and intensity throughout the day and week and overheat prevention dimming, where your LEDs dim down automatically when the surrounding temperature is higher than a set value.

Eclipse Smart is available in single or double LED Row varieties and Veritas let customer pick optics for the diodes. Price-wise, the single row version retails for $499 per foot of light and the double version starts as 2 feet panel and costs $1299. It’s important to mention that each light comes with mounting legs (hanging kit is an option).

If you don’t care about all those bells&whistles, then Veritas offer a manual dimming only version of their multicolor LED panel called Eclipse Color and it comes only in a one foot unit consisting of 16 diodes (4 of each white, royal blue, green, each color dimmable independently ), two power supplies for separate timers and it retails for $449


For white& blue enthusiast, the third option in VC line is Eclipse Max, a non-dimmable light available in two versions:

-Eclipse Max, 18″ fixture with 12 white and 6 royal blue LEDs

-Eclipse Double Max, 4 ft long with 2 4white and 6 royal blue LEDs

Price for Eclipse Max is $449, the Double Max is $799. Each version comes with adjustable legs and two power cords for independent control of white and blue channels. I’ve been told that all Veritas Control products are manufactured in USA.

You can read more info, PAR, lummens and power consumption charts by visiting Veritas Control website at:http://veritascontrols.com/

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