The Vertex V6 pump – our hands on preview

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2014_09_vertex_v6_003 The new Vertex V6 pump was presented at the beginning of this year, and unveiled during Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany. This pump is Vertex’s first entry in the return pump market, and I think it will be a great success. The pump is sturdy, beautiful (a beautiful pump!) and is built very well. At Interzoo, Vertex representatives proclaimed that the Vertex V6’s strengths are its reliability and low noise. The pump is designed to be used inside or outside the sump, and is equipped with white PVC fittings, which can be glued to pipes or whatever other connectors one chooses.

Technical Specifications of Vertex V6

European Version 230 V – 50 HzAmerican version 120 V – 60 Hz
Output:6,000 l/h1,584 gph
Consumption:65 watt65 watt
Max height:2,5 m8 ft
Width:20 cm7.9 inch
Length:10,5 cm4.15 inch
Height:17 cm6,8 inch

The new Vertex V6 has an efficiency of 92 litres or 24 gallons per watt. In comparison, the  Sicce Syncra 5 has an efficiency of 47,6 liters or 12.6 gallons per watt, and a 12.6 ft max height, and the mighty Eheim 1260 has an efficiency of 9.8 gallons per watt, and 12 ft. max height. The reference value of the pump, calculated by output per max height divided by two, is 7500 for Vertex V6, 4440 for the Eheim and 9500 for the sicce, just to comparison. As long as you don’t need the greater height, the Vertex V6 is the most efficient. 2014_09_vertex_v6_016 Here we can see the pump completely disassembled, with titanium screws on the right. 2014_09_vertex_v6_014 And here the big pink rotor. The pump is sold in Europe for 379 euro, and in US for $399 USD; it’s not a cheap pump. We installed this pump a few days ago and have taken measurements, and we’ll measure again after a few months to compare the results. In a couple of months we’ll be ready with our in depth review. 2014_09_vertex_v6_001

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