Video of Prognathodes basabei Butterflyfish

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Prognathodes basabei is an extremely deep water Hawaiian species, only discovered in 1998 and recently identified as a new species.  In 2009, three specimens were collected at 450 feet (135m) deep, selling for $6,000 per fish (one speciemen sadly died of decompression problems shortly after arrival in Japan).

Read Glassbox Design’s blog about the newly collected specimen.

The video shows a very healthy and beautiful specimen showing no symptoms of decompression ailments.  Due to the depths this species is collected, divers are required to take many hours to properly decompress the fish (and themselves).  The video also shows several stunning Odontanthias fuscippinis in the same tank.  This extremely rare Anthias is also a Hawaiian species that shares its natural deep water habitat with the Orange Margin Butterflyfish.  What you see in the video is tens of thousands of dollars of healthy, ultra rare, ultra deep-water Hawaiian endemics.

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