Vlog Episode 2 : Cover your tanks!

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As promised previously, I’m showing you all the progress on my new aquarium. I do something for every tank that I own and that I set up and I strongly urge everyone to do the same. Have you guessed what it is yet? For this video, I got together with my original “A” team, Hernando Rocha of Elite Marinelife by Captive Seas, to cover my aquariums.

The benefits are obvious. It keeps your pets in the tank, and not out and crispy on the floor. I personally don’t care what brand you go with. Home Depot has DIY aluminum window frames with nylon nettings that are inexpensive, and there is a plethora of companies out there with their own versions of nettings, both pre-built as well as DIY versions. I just want people to get one for their tank.

Since this was my build, what was important to me besides the obvious benefit was the aesthetics of everything. Having just gotten a premium rimless aquarium with much lower stand than my previous build, I didn’t want to alter the rimless appearance of my aquarium. Meaning it can’t be bulky and must be be as hidden and out of sight as possible. This video contains: why I went with this D-D The Aquarium Solution’s Jump Guard, quick unboxing, thought process, pro tips, the work, and the finished product for both of my aquariums. Check it out and be sure to cover your aquariums!!

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