Volcom x Coral Morphologic

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We are proud to unveil the Volcom X Coral Morphologic collection, a men’s / women’s clothing line featuring our flower anemone and brain coral photography blended with classic Volcom design. The collection explores the interface of land and sea, or surf zone, and is focused on surf and swimwear.

With global coral reef habitats on the brink of ecological collapse, this collaboration was born out of a mutual desire to promote the restoration of coral reefs around the world. The garments feature Eco True production, Volcom’s ongoing effort of turning sustainability commitments into actions with responsible manufacturing practices, better fiber sourcing, assessing impacts, and meaningful give backs. In addition to organic cotton and water-saving digital printing, the collection features Econyl®, a regenerated nylon yarn made from discarded fishing nets and other post consumer waste.

Shop the collection @ https://www.volcom.com/collections/coral-morph

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