Want a rare maxima clam? Check out two-face.

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unnamedHailing from the waters of French-Polynesia, this two faced maxima clam comes from the remote Austral Islands. Believe it or not, the genetic mismatch that causes this dual colored mantle to occur, only happens once in 2 million clams.

So do you want an uber rare genetic coloration added to your reef? If so, this guy will be arriving at Pacific East Aquaculture in Salisbury, Maryland next week. The cost for a randomly occurring coloration, that takes a whopping 2 million clams to find, a mere $ 2,000.00. Certainly not chump change, even for the most financially well endowed hobbyist, but considering it takes millions of clams to find such diversity, the price is understandable.

For more information, take a peak at Pacific East Aquaculture, and perhaps shoot a call or email over to the owner, Dr. Mac Terzich.



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