With all of the legislation being proposed in Hawaii this year it’s often difficult to keep up. To help sort things out the friendly folks at MASNA have created a website to sort through the red tape. Since this issue isn’t going away anytime soon it is a good idea to keep an eye on the latest developments.

HawaiiBanFactcheck.org is a Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA) initiative created to assess statements made in regard to legislation seeking to ban or regulate the marine aquarium trade in Hawaii.

HawaiiBanFactcheck.org monitors the factual accuracy of information disseminated by individuals, anti-trade groups, politicians, and others seeking to close or regulate Hawaii’s marine aquarium fishery, as well as information put forth by individuals supporting the trade.

The goal is to assess the accuracy of the information and educate the public about the facts concerning Hawaii’s marine aquarium fisheries and trade. MASNA—which supports a robust and sustainable marine aquarium trade based on a combination of aquaculture, mariculture and sustainable aquarium fisheries—represents multiple marine aquarium societies across North America and thousands of aquarists worldwide.


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