Waveline DC Pumps by H2O Systems

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wavelogo.jpgH2O Systems is a Canadian company with their sights set on the North American aquarium market by introducing high-tech yet affordable reefkeeping gear such as their new Waveline DC pumps.

Here is a complete run-down of the new Waveline pumps:

  • The product line is currently comprised of two models: The DC-5000 and the DC-10000.  The DC-5000 is in production and the DC-10000 should be in production by the end of April 2012.  A smaller DC-2500 model is also planned for the future.
  • Waveline pumps can be operated in-line or fully submersed.
  • As their model numbers imply, the pumps are direct-current (DC).  DC pumps are considerably more efficient than common AC pumps and allow variable speed control by ramping up/down the motor’s RPM.   Greater efficiency also results in less heat transference to your water.
  • The pumps will come complete with a standard controller (pictured below) that allows users to select between six preset speeds as well as engage a 10 minute feed mode with a push of a button.
  • H2O systems is working on an optional, advanced control module that will feature a photo cell (for day/night sensing), dynamic variable speed control, pulse mode ability, and interoperability with popular aquarium controllers like the apex.
  • The DC-5000 outputs 1320gph (5000lph).  The DC-10000 outputs 2640gph (10,000lph).
  • The DC-5000 consumes 40 watts.  The DC-10000 consumes 85 watts.
  • The DC-5000’s MRSP is $239.99 USD.  The DC-10000’s MSRP is $349.99 USD.
  • Waveline is now available in Canada and should appear in the USA very shortly.


With all these features, the Waveline pumps represent attractive alternatives to popular high-end, internal/external circulation pumps like the Eheim Hobby pumps and Askoll-based pumps (e.g. Red Dragon, ATB FlowMaster, Marine Solutions).  The Wavelines are considerably more affordable than other DC pumps hitting the market in recent months (e.g. Red Dragon DC, Deltec E-Flow).

Fully controllable flow rates. Extremely low power consumption.  Quiet operation.  Affordable pricing (for their market segment).  H2O Systems may have a real winner on their hands.


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