We’re now mobile-friendly!

by | Jul 17, 2011 | Advanced Aquarist | 0 comments

We're now mobile-friendly!

Advanced Aquarist accessed from an Android-based smartphone.

Mobile friendly websites are becoming a necessity with the advancement of smartphones like the iPhone and the Android OS. This past month, almost 12% of our traffic was mobile. Needless to say, we needed an update to better accomidate our mobile traffic.

With this update, simply access our website using your mobile device and it’ll automatically scale to fit your screen (see above screenshot).  We reduced the website to its essentials: Home, Magazine, Blog, and Events listings along with Search and the ability to Comment.

We hope you find this update useful. I’d personally like to thank our Facebook Fans that gave us feedback on the mobile update that we pushed out Friday.

If you notice any bugs, please sound off in the comments below.  Thanks!


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