Good morning friends, I’m staying in the Doral area here in Miami and folks it is beautiful! I drove out to the Everglades which took around 5 hours but didn’t find much to do. I drove into some beautiful little remote lake areas but every 20 feet there was a “beware of alligators” sign so I did what any smart tourist would do, stayed in the car and just kept driving. I did find one area with a one mile boardwalk through the cypress tree swamps and it was so beautiful, that was the highlight of my trip. If I do this again I will for sure book a tour with a canoe or kayak company, that looked like the best way to see the Everglades, up close and personal.

I have a Whitespotted filefish for you all today, one of the coolest fish on the reef and usually found swimming around in pairs. MORE

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