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There’s one fact about Advanced Aquarist that very few people know about:  Our staff does not get paid for our work. The web design, graphics, and photographs are performed gratis.  Every blog and events listing you read was submitted without compensation.  Our staff strives to publish the most professional website possible, and it often gives our readers the perception we generate great profits.  This is the furthest thing from the truth.

With all the ads, how can this be?

The majority of ad revenue for most other blogs, bulletin boards, and publications directly supports their admins and principle staff.  With Advanced Aquarist, all our revenue in the past few years has been allocated to web operations and the purchasing of professional articles to share with our readers free of charge. Advanced Aquarist has high overhead by choice because we believe the information we publish is worthwhile and necessary.  Whether it’s Dr. Sanjay Joshi’s light tests, Dr. Ken Feldman’s skimmer studies, Dana Riddle’s coral research, or James W. Fatherree and Kenneth Wingerter’s husbandry articles, Advanced Aquarist believes good information needs a patron and an outlet.

We aren’t claiming altruism.  At some point, Advanced Aquarist would prefer to pay all our admins and staff writers for all their hard work (and it’s well deserved).  We tell you this only to outline where our ad revenue goes … and why our ads are absolutely necessary for our operations.

Please support our sponsors by clicking on their ads to make your aquarium purchases.  We know you probably have their websites memorized or bookmarked, but purchasing through Advanced Aquarist ads will show our sponsors that you appreciate their support of Advanced Aquarist.  Without them, we couldn’t afford to publish our magazine.  Supporting our sponsors is supporting Advanced Aquarist.

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