Why something that is happening at Delray Beach, Florida matters to you

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Why something that is happening at Delray Beach, Florida matters to you

Looks clean yet may be deadly for aquarium life.

The Air They Breath …

The fact is many city health departments conduct similar “preventative” procedures throughout the year.  The elevated concentration of chlorine is safe for human consumption, but it may harm or kill aquarium life.  The additional chlorine, after all, is meant to kill biological organisms.

Between regular maintenance and accidental contamination in centralized water systems (read about how city water caused mass fish mortalities), this is another reminder to get an reverse osmosis water filter if you aren’t yet using one. It’s one of the best investments any aquarist can make for their animals.  It’s good for your own health too.

To quote one of our previous reports:

This […] should remind aquarists about the importance of using high quality water for their water changes and top-off.  While our hobby preaches the value of reverse osmosis systems, we know many aquarists still use dechlorinated tap water.  […] Need more convincing?  Read Randy Holmes-Farley’s article about the risky business of using tap water in the home aquaria.


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