il_570xN.446060735_308xIf you still haven’t the slightest idea, allow this booze-savvy fish nerd to help you out. Whether you’re an avid beer-snob like myself, or a liquor-loving purist – I have tons of options and recipes for you thanks to my best friend, Mr. Google. Let’s start out simple with Beer and Wine before we unleash the open-bar with some top shelf concoctions. Beer is always a crowd pleaser, everyone loves cracking open a cold one straight from the cooler. The perfect summer beverage. This being said, I strongly encourage you pick up a case or two from this list: Dogfish Head is hands down my favorite, and will be residing in my fridge for all of Shark Week (bonus – they also make Rums, Vodkas and “Jin” now, but we’ll get to that). The Hammerhead IPA listed comes in at a close second for me. Moving right along, we’ll get to wine. Properly going with the theme, let’s stick to blood red. I mean, let’s go all-out badass with an Australian wine maker who’s swam with Great Whites who he himself goes by the nickname “The Great White”, Greg Norman. The Cabernet wins my heart here based on description alone, “Intriguing flavors black currant and plums, silky textures and velvety tannins with hints of spice and dark cocoa.” Coming in at a close second is their sparkling varietal because – BUBBLES! Now that I hope I’ve satisfied all you shark loving’ Winos, let’s move onto the fun stuff. Bloody cocktails! Grab a glass and a bottle of mentioned Dogfish Head Wit Spiced Rum and get mixing. 3/4 oz Dogfish Head Spiced Rum, 3/4 oz light rum, 1/2 oz blue Curacao liquer, 1 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix, 3 drops grenadine syrup. Shake, strain, and you’ve got yourself a “Shark Bite”, you’re welcome. King of useless internet lists, Buzzfeed, has a ton of these, as well. Hope I was able to help you guys make informed beverage decisions this week. Mandatory PSA – drink responsibly. Especially if, like me, you will be out on a boat in search of Great Whites this week, falling overboard is not encouraged. Cheers!


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