Your Daily Squee: Pygmy Seahorses Courtesy of the Steinhart Aquarium

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Science | 0 comments

Masters of disguise and no bigger than your thumbnail, the Pigmy Seahorse has got to be one of the cutest little Hippocampus you may ever see. Odd fact: the word “Hippocampus” actually comes from the Ancient Greek word hippos meaning “horse” and kampos which means “sea monster” – which is odd because they don’t look anything like monsters to me! Anyway, the Steinhart Aquarium put together this adorable little video of the minuscule “monsters” they collected from the Philippines for our viewing pleasure. It describes the seahorse’s habitat (they dwell exclusively within a select few coral species), mating behavior, and the woes and challenges of actually housing them successfully. Enjoy informative commentary from Matt Wandell and Richard Ross amongst others, and of course, enjoy the cuteness overload!

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