Zoomark 2017: Amtra booth with Davide Robustelli

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amtra zoomark
Amtra Pro Nature is the brand name given to Croci S.p.A.‘s aquatic line.

Amtra Pro Nature developed a series of product lines which combine biological knowledge of fish with the technical information deduced from the water treatment. The number products is incredibly wide. It includes multiple products useful to the management of a marine or fresh water aquarium, starting with various types of fish food, really good frozen food, chemical products, resins, zeolites, active carbons, and bioconditionings. Next to Amtra, again from the Croci group, there was also Wave brand.

Wave stands out because it’s the brand of the so-called technologies, and has beautiful aquariums, filters, accessories for aquariums, heaters, timers, and lighting.

amtra zoomark

The new class, Amtra 2.0

Today Amtra is moving in new and modern ways; in fact, in order to improve its relevance in the market and develop new and interesting products, it asked Davide Robustelli to manage its aquarium industry. Davide has been quite impressive with his work for Gaia Italia, so we have no difficulty in believing that he will do great things for Amtra, too.

davide robustelli dani

In fact we know Davide very well, and we know how much passion he has for this industry. So expect some detailed reviews about Amtra products in the upcoming months!

davide robustelli dani

At the exhibition, there was quite a range of products, as you can see in the following picture.

amtra zoomark

And even these Wave aquariums, both in aquarium style and design. The minimalist marine furnishing, with the gorgonias, was very nice.

If you want to know more about Amtra and all its products, as well as the whole Croci company, we invite you to visit their homepage through the links below. On their site you can also find a well-made virtual catalog. As always, we remind you of our Editorial if you want to know more about the entire Zoomark 2017 exhibition.
Homepage Croci
Editoriale Zoomark 2017
[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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