Zoomark 2017: AquaLighter – Collar with NanoClear and more

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aqualighter booth

AquaLighter is a very interesting Ukrainian company of which we’ve spoken of in the past.

In fact we gave very positive reviews to the aerator Collar APump (review) by Valerio and the little vent AFan pro (review) by Federico. The manufacturer of these products is actually the Ukrainan Collar company, which has been producing and selling aquaristic products with the AquaLighter brand for over 20 years. Collar also produces products for the dog world, and sells them under the brand name Puller.

The booth was wide and well curated, and focused on accessories for small aquariums. The only noticeable exception was the AquaLighter NanoClear.

AquaLighter NanoClear

aqualighter nanoclear

NanoClear surely deserves its own article! It’s an innovative product for the cleaning of the aquarium’s glass. It comes as a liquid in a bottle enough big for an aquarium of 150 liters, and is designed to be applied to the glass or the rocks and then allowed to dry. AquaLighter claims that the product will keep algae and scales from growing on the treated parts for a full 2 years after application. We don’t know how it can work so well, but the idea is very interesting.

aqualighter nanoclear
The only downside is that this treatment has to be done before any set up, but AquaLighter guarantees that the aquarium inhabitants won’t be hurt by it because it’s a completely nontoxic product. Once applied, even if the glass gets dirty, it will only require a sponge to be cleaned. As you can see above, the product comes in three varieties: NanoClear Stone for the rock treatment, NanoClear Glass for the glass treatment and NanoClear Glass Cleaner for the glass cleaning.

AquaLighter Pico Soft

Let’s continue with the other new AquaLighter products; first up is the Pico Soft. It’s a little lamp for microaquariums: it’s a nice idea because the lamp is flexible and has two suction cups to mount it to the little tanks.

aqualighter pico soft

We’re not going to talk about watts and consumption because this kind of product has almost no influence on the electric bill, and it is not powerful enough to grow corals.

aqualigher nano soft

But we think that the idea is very good for a small, fish-only aquariums.

Small AquaLighter aquariums

AquaLighter introduced several small aquariums, each with different shapes, easily adaptable to many purposes.

For example the Betta Set for a small combat fish. We’d prefer to see the fish in a real aquarium, though…

aqualighter aquarium

A 5 liter Betta Set.

aqualighter aquarium

A 10 liter Nano Set, here in aquascaping mode.

aqualighter aquarium

A 15 liter Nano Marine Set.

aqualighter aquarium

An interesting tank for your house; it’s a very well-built nano reef.

aqualighter aquarium

These small aquariums are so new that they aren’t available yet in AquaLighter‘s catalog on its official site.

AquaLighter aCleaner

aqualighter acleaner

Available in white or black, aCleaner is a nice magnet for the cleaning of your aquarium’s glass. It has a small grip that allows you to move the magnet itself without taking it in your hands.

AquaLighter aHeater

aqualighter aheater

The aHeater series includes two heaters, a micro and a larger version, but they’re both nano reef heaters.

AquaLighter Aquascape

aqualighter aquascape

AquaLighter Aquascape are LED lamps for aquariums, and in this picture they are installed in a small aGlass aquarium.

aqualighter led light

The company displayed a series of LED lamps which can be controlled by remote control.

We’re very impressed with these products. They’re well made and very easy to use.

If you want to know more about AquaLighter and its products we invite you visit the homepage through the links below. The site is in Russian, but in the upper right you can find the “EN” button that converts the writing to English. As always, we remind you of our Editorial if you want to know more about the Zoomark 2017 exhibition.
Homepage AquaLighter
Zoomark 2017 Editorial
[translated by Agnese Poggi]

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