Hello Everyone,

I am having a huge problem with my tank parameters. My Tank has been up for 8 months. I have had great success that nothing has died due to anything I have done. The tank has been cycled properly and the fish are very happy. One thing that does bother me is my corraline algae. For some reason I cannot get Corraline algae to grow. It seems that any Corraline I introduce to my tank, quickley disappears. I have tried everything. Some people get Corraline algae growing with almost no light and bad water parameters. I know someone going ask " What are your Parameters right now" So here they are:

Temp = 77.4
Specific Gravity = 1.022
Ammonia = 0
Nitrites = 0
Nitrates = 0
Phosphates = 0
DKH = 13
Calcium = 560 PPM ( going to bring this down by performing a water change this weekend)
Magnesium = 1125 PPM
Borate = 2 MEQ\L
PH = 8.4

I have shut off my 250 watt Metal Halide and im just using 4 110 watt actinic lights. 3 are blue actinic and one is 10,000k white.
Lights are on for 12 hours on a timer.

I was using Seachems Reef Complete Calcium but im getting ready to stop using it and switching to B-Ionic 2 part system. I also ordered a bottle of Magnesium to see if thus will change anything. I am planning on doing my water change and checking all parameters again before beginning the B-ionic 2 part dosing.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on what else I can do? I really want the Corraline Algae to begin growing! Im pretty confused here :?


Getting coralline algae to grow well is a bit hit and miss. Some say that too bright light and it doesn't flourish. Others will tell you that the calcium levels have an effect. But there are many varieties of coralline algae and probably a lot of factors that need to coincide for it to take off.

I'm no expert, but I've got two pieces of advice for you. The first is to stop busting a gut to get it to grow. You should be focused on getting the tank in the best condition for the other inhabitants you intend to introduce and for most coral and fish stability is the most important thing - trying to hit some moving target just to get coralline to grow might make it harder to achieve this stability.

Also, this is the hitchhiker forum and you might have better luck getting people's input in a better frequented forum like the General Reefkeeping forum.



No worries - I see you've already had a reply from someone who knows a bit more about these things than I do! :lol:

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