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Hi guys, I just want to make sure if my Duncan is growing a new head.
Previously it's doing pretty good and fully extended (at least IMO).
However, about five days ago it's not extending fully (occasionally it does but not lasts long).

LIght: AI PRIME 16HD using David Saxby setting running an acclimation mode
Water para:
0 Ammonia
0 Nitrite
Nitrate undetectable
PO4 undetectable
PH: 8.0
CAL: Around 400 ppm
I am using the API test kit so the values are not accurate.

Thank you in advance!


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Bellmore, NY
I have duncans that started to close up like that. It might be worth a dip. There could be a pest irritating it and causing it to close up. Worth a try since I went from one polyp to 10 since then. I do feed reefroids about once per week too. Hope that helps you out! Good luck!

Jean estevez

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This is my duncan growing new heads For reference


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