livestock update 8/31

Advanced Marine Aquatics

Manhattan Reefs
Rating - 100%
40   0   0
Albertson NY
Orange storm
Black storm
Lightning maroon
Mocha storm
Domino ocellaris
Captive percula
Wyoming white ocellaris
Phantom ocellaris
Black photon ocellaris
Scooter blenny
Ruby red dragonette
Fang blenny
Meleagris leopard
Yellowfin wrasse
Magma wrasse
Hector goby
Desjardini tang
Blue star leopard (f)
Yellow flank wrasse
Exquisite wrasse
Melanarus wrasse
Yellow coris wrasse
Orange back wrasse
Rosyscale wrasse
Checkerboard wrasse
Blue assessor
Clown goby
Orchid dottyback
Neon dottyback
Springer dottyback
Bimac anthias
Dispar anthias
Lyretail anthias
Square anthias (m)
Springer damsel
Yellowtail damsel
Tailspot blenny
Algae blenny
Starry blenny
Bluethroat trigger
Huma huma trigger
Quoyi Parrotfish
Cream angel
Lamark angel
Majestic angel
Swallowtail angel (f)
Diamond goby
Emperor angel (adult)
Powder blue tang
Blue head tilefish
Longnose hawkfish
Pajama cardinal
Spanish hogfish (juv.)
Dianas hogfish (juv.)
Maculiceps tang
Yellow tang
Goldrim tang
Dsunyeri tang
Blonde naso tang
Panther grouper

more fish added tomorrow also frags and neon tube anemones coming in with orange bta