Livestock Update

Advanced Marine Aquatics

Manhattan Reefs
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Albertson NY
Hey guys here is this weeks update. Plenty of corals and inverts in stock as well.

Blue assessor
Mocha Vinci pair large
Pj cardinal
Splendid dottyback
Ruby Red Dragonette
Algae blenny
Sunburst anthias
Crescent tail
Mystery wrasse
Nebula clown
Katherine wrasse
Brunneus wrasse
Antenna goby
Juvi emperor
Neon dottyback
Ornate leopard
Smith blenny
Wyoming white
Maine blizzard
Dragon face pipe
Assorted clowns
Long nose butterfly
Powder blue
Tricolor anthias
Aiptasia file
Sunrise dottyback
Kupang damsel
Coral beauty
Blonde Naso
Blue eye Kole
Bicolor blenny
Lyretail anthias
Scott’s wrasse
Six line wrasse
Koi wrasse
Gold head sleeper
Springeri dottyback
Bangaii cardinal
Yellowtail damsel
Magnificent foxface
African flameback
Wantanabei angel
Yellow foxface
Cleaner wrasse

Exquisite wrasse
Yellow coris
Dragon wrasse
Red lip blenny
Majestic angel
Bimac angel
Labouti wrasse
Orange spot blenny
Peppermint hog
Bellus angel
Marble wrasse
Lt tang