Large Update! 2/7

Advanced Marine Aquatics

Manhattan Reefs
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Albertson NY
Hey Guys, This weeks update includes......

Royal gramma
Multicolor angel
Rainford goby
Yellow assessor
Queen angel
Filament wrasse
Tasha goby
Coral beauty
Atlantic blue tang
Melanarus wrasse
Pintail wrasse
Blue side wrasse
Lubbock wrasse
Bicolor angel
Dart fish
Fat head anthias
Cleaner goby
Pink tail trigger
Yellow foxface
Koi wrasse
Clown tang
Cleaner wrasse
Solar wrasse
Blue throat trigger
Bicolor blenny
Yellow tang
Masked rabbit fish
Yellow tail damsel
Orange spot blenny
Sleeper goby
Magnificent fox
Flame angel
Kupang damsel
Six line wrasse
Yellow coris
Flame wrasse
Red stripe anthias
Blonde Naso
Lyretail anthias
Blue reef chronic
Declavis butterfly
Pj cardinal
Bangaii cardinal
Yellow flank wrasse
Copperband butterfly
Power brown tang
Fiji foxface
Bimac anthias
Emperor angel
Bird wrasse
Swallow tail angel
Leopard wrasse
Engineer goby
Lori anthias
Flame hawk
Rose scale wrasse
Whitetail Kole tang
Hippo tang
Kole tang
Checkerboard wrasse
Panther grouper
Soldier fish
Mixed puffers

Peppermint shrimp
1x harlequin shrimp
Blue and red hermits
Turbo snails
Orange lip conch
Cleaner shrimp
Neon yellow tube anemone
Fire shrimp

Lots of corals in stock Indo!
Dragon soul torches indo gold and Aussie gold and many more.