Ozone is up and running!


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after a few snags my Ozone reactor is up and running!

prior to treating my 180 for Bugs the tank was doing well,corals had good color, water was crystal clear, fish were eating, and thriving

I cant say for sure it was the regiment of treating my tank for the bugs,or the fact that my husbandry was lacking due to my hand injury or a little of both but I saw a decline in my tank.
Orp was consistant at 425MV and at times in the middle of the nite 480MV with out Ozone.

I lost a very hardy cleaner wrasse after having him close to a year he just vanished, of course my pod population is gone along with my emerald crabs, strangly, a few scarlet and blue legged hermits survived.

This was the first week I had confidence use of my hand and decided to "catch up" on my tank.

I hadn't planned on setting up the Ozone till I got the 450 gal tank together but my ORP dropped to the 375 range. while I had my carbon reactor out I decided to plumb in the reactor.
once the ozone was up and running within an hour I noticed a considerable difference in the clarity of the water ORP slowly rose to 400MV
after a few hours of use I noticed a smell of Ozone much to my surprise I had an air/Ozone leak at the reactor, I used a John Guist quick fiiting to connect air source to the reactor, that was leaking . I thought to myself That I had cracked it while tightening it and repalced it with a spare.

Last nite around 4 AM I woke to the smell od Ozone again. I checked the reactor sure enough leak again I shut it down went to bed. wHen I got up I found the fitting cracked the same way. I later found out tha they arent made of PVC but of polyethelene which reacts very quickly with Ozone! it was very brittle and broke apart with little effort.
I replaced the fitting with a brass one( no water comes in contact).so far so good, ORP is up to 415 water is super clear! no smell of ozone!

I'm keeping a log tomorrow I'll do a check of my water parameters (a monday morning routine)
I'll post as much info as possible.