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Have any of you had to separate your Maroon?s from hosting there new BTA?

I have had this pair for a few years and the single 4 inch female for over 7 years. Love these super agressive guys but they are so ruff with the one they love a BTA i just picked up Sunday.

In the LFS it was about 8 inches wide open not being hosted.

I took action today....

I bought a tank divider from Petsmart and sectioned off the front of the tank. The Nem showed signs of relief right away. Puffed out its tentacles and ate a little bit.

If anybody else has done this please chime in and tell me your success and after how long you needed to quarantine.

Tank details Elos 36 gallon

Setup for 1 1/2 years with live rock from previous tank.
LED AI Nano set 75% on Blue and Violet, 50% white about 9 inches above water line.

MP40 lowest setting reef crest.

ALK 7 dkh
CAL 400
MAG.. didn?t test
PH 8
Temp 79
Salinity 1.026

Fish: 2 maroons

Inverts: BTA, Reef Lobster, cleaner shrimp, cleanup