Mud VS live Sand, with live Rock


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Hello everyone after the fall of my tank when everything die out and I did not know what happen all you reefers came to my rescue. I was looking to get out of the hobby and stay away and never come back. I was so mad and I should have know better. I did not know where my head was. I think it was up my $%&. you know. but you guy told me not to stop because I was going to feel difference about all things and is true. when you have been reefing for such a long time is so hard to quit, So I said I'm going to go for it one more time.....thanks for the info. Do not ever introduce new live rock to your tank if you know it has been in a tank the looks bad from the start. even guy said to you all kinds of lie...ou will not see this .do not trust any one when it come to your tank. and if you get rock from someone else make sure you cure them first before they go into your tank. Also introduce them one at a time. this is because they will charge your tank with Amonia over night you will not see this deadly process taking place and then it will send your nitrite and nitrate through the roof there will be no oxygen in the and all living things in your tank will suffocate and die . Man that is when happen to my best fishes and reef. it was like if I had lost my family all at once....

PS: I will like to know for my new sump I have a refugium should I use Mud or live sand with live rock. what is you reply can you help and let me know why...


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Mud is for very slow flowing areas. Sand is more practical. Basically the same thing is happening for both, just the mud is much smaller, lighter and has much more surface area than sand, so mud is usually used in small refugiums and sand is in bigger, more active flowing ones.