External overflow advice on reefomania tank


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I am going to be ordering a custom tank from mark at reefomania and although I would love to do a Peninsula my house really doesn't have a good spot for one.

Basically the only spot I can put it is in the living room or dining room. Dimensions will be around 48 x 25 x 22. I wish I could go 60" but Im on a budget and lighting it would kill the wallet.

My main question is what is the best route for an overflow. Mark suggested an external and I like the ghost, synergy, and illusion aquariums overflows. Im just worried about it being too far from the walI.

If anyone has any input on overflow suggestion pros and cons it would be greatly appreciated.

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Eshopps also has a similar style overflow that looks nice. You actually want the tank off the wall a little bit in case you need to get behind and keep any splashing or salt creep at bay. For this reason I like overflows with internal weirs and external overflows like those you are looking at. They take up little room inside the tank and take up the space you probably want between the wall. Also as for lighting an extra 12" I don't think that is gonna cost that much more if any (depending on the type of lighting). I can offer to help get you good pricing on lighting and any other equipment you need for your build.


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I like to have the overflow box on the side, left or right, than the pumps the opposite way, will remove the Detritus a way faster than have the box on back, in special when you have BB. I will change mine in my 300 Gal. tank.