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ZippysFunLand 03-14-2017 09:12 PM

Wet/Dry Sump build question

I am building out a new wet dry sump to replace the decrepit one that came with my 72 gallon tank and I have a question about the wet/dry portion of it. I not even sure where to begin searching for this question on google this, so I am posting it here and asking for opinions from more experienced reefers. Also, I kind of want to show off my new sump project. :) I got an Aqueon 29 gallon tank, made my own design, schematics, and did the build all myself. (Photos below)

In the wet/dry portion of the tank, I have a plexiglass lid that is cut and sanded to fit in its setting perfectly. As a result, its sealed very well. The small chamber above it has about 1/4 inch of water at all time, which is perfectly as I had planned.

The question that I have is that since there is no airflow in and out of the chamber (aside from when i turn my main pump on/off), is there going to be any sort of problem with nitrogen building up inside of the chamber? Should I add an air vent to allow gas to escape? I think it will probably be a good idea for me to drill a couple of slightly larger holes and put 1/4 inch tubing through to eliminate the splashing when I do turn the main pump off, but if nitrogen buildup is a concern then I suspect those 3 or 4 small tubes might not be enough.

Any opinions on this would be appreciated.

albano 03-14-2017 09:48 PM

What is going in the dry section?

ZippysFunLand 03-14-2017 10:05 PM

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Dry portion will have those blue plastic bioballs, we portion will have the eheim bio media that look like small round 1/4 porous rocks.

albano 03-14-2017 10:14 PM

I doubt that you will find anyone recommending bio balls ... What do you expect them to do for your filtration?

ZippysFunLand 03-14-2017 10:15 PM

They are in the old sump, so im just moving the existing media over. What do you recommend using other than bio balls?

ZippysFunLand 03-14-2017 10:34 PM

To answer your question a little bit better, I have a mostly LPS tank, looking to move on to SPS. I am currently dosing with Red Sea No3 Po4 X nitrate / phosphate remover and i have gotten my nitrates down to nearly zero (Red Sea tests show between 0 and .02). Phosphates are a little bit higher though, usually around .03, which i know is ok.

I still get diatoms regularly, and wish they would go away. I also have a lot of tube worms (Vermetid Gastropod I think) that I want to get rid of. To get rid of them I want to lower the nutrients of my tank without killing my LPS.

For my new sump design, i am going to add a sock filter, which i currently dont have, and continue to use the existing media that was in the sump when I purchased the aquarium back in november. I am also moving the skimmer from the last compartment (with the return pump), into the first compartment so that it will be before the bio media. I dont know why more sumps arent designed that way. It makes sense to me that you want to remove the larger material and protein before flowing the water through the media with bacteria that cleans out the smaller particles.

Most wet dry sump designs i see online use bioballs. Do you think that wet/dry is a bad design, or are you just against using bioballs?

albano 03-14-2017 10:36 PM

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