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Dannyboy11222 04-01-2017 03:25 PM

Bioreactor ?
Hi all, I have a few questions on my bioreactor, I'm hoping someone can help! I've been running a reef octopus 110 on my 125 gallon mix reef for 10 weeks now, but yet my nitrates are still high around 50ppm.
I followed a fellow reefers advice on safely running a bioreactor from youtube, where you add 100mil every other week until u reach ur tanks compasity, I believe mine is 500mil, but I do not know the total volume of my sump. But the sump is massive. Its 44x20x16 with a water height of 10 inches. If that helps. So my question is am I running enough pellets or has the bioreactor not matured yet? Ext.... I have the reactor on a manifold for easy maintenance and its output is at my protein skimmer.. Any info anyone can share would be grately appreciated.. Ty

Dannyboy11222 04-02-2017 10:49 AM

OK so here's an update, I was able to find out the water volume of the sump from an online calculator, so the sumps volume is 38 gallons, so with rock and equipment. I'm looking at a water volume around 36 gallons. Which gives me a total of 161 gallons, so I didn't think that the 500 ml of biopellots was the issue since it would only take another 50 ml to reach max load, so I checked the gph going into the reactor and found out I was only getting 200gph into the reactor off a bulkhead that is connected to a jabeo 6000, crazy!....all I was to get out of the pump after turning off the carbon & gfo reactors was another 200gph from the pump. But at least now I'm getting 400 gph into the reactor. So in hoping that was the issue. The bioreactor itself is rated from 520-790 ghp. Let's see if this helped.. I'll update in a few days if that was the problem

vio 04-06-2017 07:01 PM

Can you post a pic. about your Bio-Pellets reactor ?
What kind of BP you use ?
Did you power OFF the main pump when you feed the tank ? if YES, for how long ?

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