sulfur reactor acting funny...


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i started running a sulfur reactor in my only fish tank and everything started fine ( effluent water were 0, tank water went from 80 to 20 and was holding) after 3 monthes i started to see a raise in my nitrates (i noticed previously that my media wasn't moving as much but the results were fine in the tank and out of the reactor). so i adjusted the reactor a bit but since my reactor isn't working at all i even saw higher nitrates in the effluent water then in the tank)
i assumed that my bacteria had died but since then it didn't recover yet
tank parameters are:
pH 8.25
S.G. 1.025
NITRATE 50-100ppm

reactor effluent
pH 6.45
nitrate 50-100
D.O. 4 mg/l

any thoughts??

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They do get clogged over time . Take out the media and rinse it out ,Then start reactor all over again . They do a good job just high maintenance.