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........... been to ZooRama in the Bronx Its on East something street cant remember it right now but i was passing by it and it look pretty big. Is it worth a trip up there?


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East Tremont.

Actually it's pretty small inside. It's a fresh water shop (nice stock). The store next to it is his too, where they stock cats & dogs.

There were like 5 SW tanks, but were always in horrible condition & never stocked, besides inverts.
If they had fish, they were near dead.

That was a few months ago & the owner said he was going to re-do the set-ups again.
He has another place in queens.
Tank prices were decent. I never looked too much at the dry goods.

Owner is pretty cool.

I'll check it out soon & will update.
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The owners name is Hasha, happens to be a friend of mine because I also have a store on East Tremont and we go back and forth with community stuff. Very nice guy, however he is really not into the saltwater stuff, has some LR, but nothing to brag about, his prime business is freshwater, puppys and heavy into FLOWERHORN FISH. I have tried to talk to him to get more into the saltwater, but I don't really think he has the staff to maintain it or much knowledge. He has another store I believe on Bell Blvd in Bayside, not sure. Devious is right, they have about 5 tanks, but if they had fish they were always near dead.

If you are into FW Discus or Arowanas, he is the place to visit, always in stock and great selection...
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