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Got my first Chalice type coral. I'm not exactly sure what it is but was described as an alien eye chalice.

The care guides I've seen for similar looking chalices is Low light and low current and it was fairly low in the tank when I bought it. I've put it lowish in the tank and a rock slightly overhangs it so that it isn't directly in the light.

The flow seems relatively low where it is.

Anything else I should know about it... should I feed it or will it survive on light and fish food (including the odd cyclopese feeding).

I'll get a picture of it tomorrow.



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Hey Adrian, almost all Chalices need very low light. I can bleach my chalices when they are nearly at the bottom of a tank lit by 400W halides and lumenarc reflectors. I think moderate flow is better then low flow. I don't feed my chalices anything, but some people do cyclopeeze or golden pearls. I'm not convinced it has any benefits.


Cyclopeeze or Golden Pearls have little to no benefit for chalices.

I fed mine mysis shrimp, and they loved it. They will grow quickly when fed.

Also, Len is correct on the lighting/flow. Low light, and moderate flow.




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Thanks to both of you. I think I have it about right then... I now find it hard to find a low-flow area in the tank any way and I was a little worried about it.... Good to know.


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