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I try to find up , how i crash my tank one year and 6 months.
I end up to have dinoflagellates , i lost all my corals , i try to find up , if Silica have something to do with this algae. I use to run ( a lot , 2 times a week Diatom Vertex Filter ) , now we know Diatomaceous Earth ......."of a powdered media, made of almost pure silica manufactured from diatoms - the fossilized skeletons (frustules) of fresh water, unicellular algae." C/P
That one (contain ......SILICA)
Second , Fix it Stick ( PUTTY) , this also contain ,Magnesium silicate hydrate and more Crystalline silica , some chemicals 65997-17-3.
I use this Putty a lot, those may help to get Dino ?
I know i make a huge mistake , i remove most of my Pukani rocks and i keep only Tonga, for some reason , i lost the immunity of the tank, you think those 2 product may be also a problem ? Diatom and Putty .

Thank You.


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I always felt the diatom filter changed the ionic balance in the tanks

I like For fish only but not so crazy about using it in reef

I am far from a chemist though
Just why I’ve seen from various tanks