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Welcome everyone to the new Author Forums for the Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine.

We have set up these forums so that you can discuss each month's feature article and columns with the authors and the readers.

To help ensure that everything goes smoothly and everyone gets the most out of these forums, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines.

1) These forums are not for general discussion of reefkeeping. Questions and comments that are posted in the inappropriate forum will need to be moved and/or closed. This rule is in place to ensure that the Advanced Aquarist's authors don't get overwhelmed with questions they can't answer or are not of interest to them. We still encourage you to use the discussion board at reefs.org for these type of discussions though, so don't think we want to censor you or discourage your posting.

2) Not every post will be answered by the author. The people that write for Advanced Aquarist are not "on the payroll" here to answer questions. They do it because discussing the subject matter of their articles and columns interests them. That means that if you ask an interesting question, chances are you will get an interesting answer. If you ask "Why is your article so long?" you probably won't get an answer...

3) If you are insulting to an author, your post will be closed and you may be asked to leave. Strong debate is encouraged but if a poster resorts to name calling or cursing, the thread will be closed.

4) Archives of all posts will be saved and will be searchable to you, ad infinitum.

Please enjoy these new forums at Advanced Aquarist and use them responsibly. Where else but on the net will you get a chance to "talk" with Charles Delbeek or Randy Holmes-Farley about their aquarium research and articles in a "real-time" way? It's something that simply has never been possible with a print magazine and is one of the advantages of the internet that we have seen and hope will benefit all of us.

Thanks for visiting the Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine Author Forums. I hope your visit here is a pleasant one.

James Wiseman

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