Is there any new information regarding ozone kinetics in seawater?

From Aquarium Frontiers archives:

"It may be that the brominated organic products of ozonization and chlorination are especially toxic. Austin et al. (1996) indicate that bromoacetates are a major product of ozonization, and that they are capable of causing DNA damage. Although the chlorinated byproducts are toxic and carcinogenic, the brominated byproducts seem to be more potent (Parrish et al. 1996)."

Ozone generators are still sold but no one seems to know their true effect on our systems.

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I'm happy to try to answer that question, but this isn't the right place. Try posting the question in the main forum at

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Re-posted on General Reefkeeping Discussion board. Any reason why I should not post this topic in this section?


This forum is just intended to address questions to the authors of the Chemistry column of AAOM regarding their articles, that's all.

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