Tonga Wanga
I’m just confused looking at these results


Advanced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
What confuses you exactly?

"Your uranium is a bit low, add some pitchblende in your sump". No I kid i kid.


Manhattan Reefs
when you are on the website you can have it compare to fiji or any other ocean
it also highlights whats high or low
when ever I do this i always watch aluminum just because mine skyrocketed once and i found it was a rusty impeller
i know people hate it but i think icp def helps

check out this aluminum spike in 2019
my vectra m1 impeller rusted completely
ecotech replaced it and now you can see the drop


Tonga Wanga
I was confused why there was chlorine in my tank but not my rodi, I then found out it’s one of the three major elements, then I was confused why so much silica in my tank and not in rodi ..... I did a 99 percent water change when I found out it was in my rodi water before I added a Silca buster media to rodi, I’m just surprised it’s still in my tank ...... I’ve had a few corals losing there skin recently and I just haven’t been able to pinpoint why was going on....,until yesterday morning! My fat and heavily fed blue hippo tang now has a taste for corals, he’ll be going up for sale very soon! If anyone wants to buy him with his rap sheet

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