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Good morning, I plan on getting my sps tank started using ESV two part and also maybe kalkwasser. Would this supplement be good to use with ESV for color?


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ESV has trace minerals in it. If the tank is densely populated with corals I would recommend Tropic Marin A+K, but without regularly ICP testing I wouldn't get too deep into it. There's risk involved. The salifert potassium testlkit is in line with the ICP testing that ive done. Wouldn't bet bad to keep that kit and an additive handy. Tests for iodine, iron, manganese, zinc, fluoride, zinc etc... either don't exist or just suck to test and dose for manually.


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Randy Holmes-Farley wrote a nice explanation about the trace elements in B-Ionic.

See here: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/esv-2-part-vs-all-for-reef-trace-elements.986882/post-11401631

ESV is not a trace element supplement, and is not intended to supply trace elements against any type of consumption. Despite having trace elements in it, it is not intended to offset consumption but rather to offset the changes driven by the salinity rise from the sodium (carbonate) and chloride (calcium chloride). In any case where a trace element is above NSW levels, the ESV product (if made exactly as claimed) will actually lower that trace element when you maintain salinity. Think of the ESV trace elements as being identical to a very tiny water changes each day using NSW. If you use ESV, you may well need a trace element supplement for rapidly depleting ions such as iron or manganese.

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