I have two clownfish that now have white bumps near their mouths. The first one I thought was a wound from an aggressive yellow tang I got rid of who killed my watchman goby. But now the second one also has it in the same place? Should I be concerned? Anyone know what this is?



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Thanks all. I got some PIMAFIX from Aquarium Village in Carle Place. The spot disappeared from one almost immediately, the other one I am going to try to quarantine and see if I can get rid of it.


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Looks like flukes
Easy fix catch the clown fish and do a fresh water dip
How to prepare a fresh water dip
• Get a 5 gallon bucket
• fill it a quarter of the way with rodi water
• put a heater in there heat Up to 78• degrees
• put an air line in there so there can oxygen in the water
• then put the clown inside for 3 mins
• you will notice that the clown wouldn’t swim around much in the rodi water the clown would try to lay on his side but you can’t let him do that you have to have a something to push him with so he wouldn’t stop moving ( so the water can push threw his gills )
• make sure you time it exactly 3 min because a fresh water dip is stressful on a fish
• also do not I repeat do not use a net to catch the clown from the rodi bucket because the flux will dis attach and float in the rodi water ( but you can use a net to catch the clown from the main tank to put into the rodi bucket ) when you use a net you could be adding back the flux in your main tank from the rodi bucket so take your hand and pull the clown out of the rodi water then put him in your other hand to make sure you do not put the same hand that you put into the rodi water into the main tank( avoid putting the rodi from that bucket of water into your main tank )
Then your problem should be fixed
• now throw away that rodi water from the bucket , wash the bucket and let it dry
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