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To celebrate the opening of this forum and helping us out I decided to set up a pond. This will help me organize my coral for its placement in my 360G. I will probably take this down in the end... only time will tell.



-48"Lx 48"WX 12"H
-3/4" Plywood
-pond liner
-4" Deck Screws
-Euro Braced

Filtration/Water Movement
-55G Sump/Refugium
-Mag7 Return
-(2) Hydor Koralia #4
-High Flow MJMod

-(4) Over Driven 4' T8 GE Daylight
-(4) 3' PC Actinics
-175W Halide
-250W Halide

- $0 Didn't have to leave home :)


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very nice. a little ingenuity goes a long way. are you combining some other tanks and putting everything in the 360g? what is the story?


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Yeah, Im combining all my tanks into my 360. I need something to put my coral in, right now my frag tank doesnt have any room and since I'm not filling the 360 untill I get back from NC I needed to give the coral some room to grow.

EDIT: Tuned the wavebox a little bit more and took another video. I can get a 1.5" wave out of it.

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