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Its that time of year again! The 2024 FFM is coming together great this year with a HUGE list of coral vendors, some great companies, speakers and an amazing raffle! I made a few minor changes to things this year to try to make traffic a little less of an issue, but other than that- same great show! Hope all of my brothers and sisters from MR are able to come out for the day and be a part of the biggest single day show in the country! More info to come as we get closer.
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Here it is, the MONSTER list of vendors that you will be able to see at the 2024 Frag Farmer's Market at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs CT on March 2nd. There may be a minor change here and there but this is pretty much who will be there. The BIGGEST list of vendors at ANY SHOW, ANYWHERE. Worth the trip? It's a little bit of a drive but oh yeah, its worth it...

2024 CT Frag Farmer's Market Vendor List

A Cupcake for Later
AC Corals
Alex's Advanced Aquatics
Aqua Dreams - Infinity Reefs
Berlin High School
Blue Light Aquatics
Aussie Aquariums
Back Woods Reefs
Blake's Aqua Den
Blue Lagoon Aquatic
Blue View Aquatics
Boston Reef Society
Capital Corals
Champion Lighting
Chandlerrocks Aquascaping
Coral Reef Connection
Corals Unlimited
Covey's Coral Cove
Crafting for the Win
Crazy Corals
Cruz'n Aquatics
Dan Connor
Dan Rigle
Dinkins Aquatic
Doghouse Corals
Donovan Stout
Dr. Salomon Corals
Ecotech Marine
E.O. Smith Coral Project
Exotic Fish and Corals
Fifth Alarm Corals
Frank180 Reef
Emily Kolak
Freshly Salted Apparel
Frost Corals
Fruity Reef
Greg Demos - Aquacultured Acropora
Happy Reefer Corals
Hall High School
Hanna Instruments
Greg Hiller
Homegrown Reef
Jason Fox
JB Aquatics
Kilaarts Leahey
Lil's Critters
Lyman Hall
Matt Lewandowski
Marc Fishtank
Marco Rocks
Marine Science Magnet School
Max Reef
MoFo Corals
Natchaug Elementary School
Neptune Systems
New England Marine Ornamentals
New Wave Corals
NY Reef Aquatic
NY Reefs
Ocean State Aquatics
OJ Lemonade
Out East Reefs
Overly Obsessed Reefs
Paul Spinnato
Pax Bellum
Pieces of the Ocean
PNW Custom
Polo Reef
Pop Corals
Pristine Marine Aquariums
Reef Assist CT
Reef Breeders
Reef Creations
Reef Management
Reef Nerd
Reef Nutrition
Reef Rax
Reef Trends
Rhino's Reef
Roaming Reefer
Rock Hard Reefs
School of Fish
S.E.A Corals
Sea Chem
Sea Gardens
Seth Patrick
Son and Sand
The Aquarium Shop
The Coral Farm
100 - The Reef Shoppe
The Sound School
TJM Corals
Tropic Marin
Tusi Reef
Ultimate Art
Ultimate Corals
Useful Idiot
Well Tank Goodness
Westhill High School
Wet Pets


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Sorry, I need to add four more names to the vendor list. Now FFM has the biggest vendor list anywhere...
Amanda's Sea Critters
Boston Aqua Farms
Freshly Salted Apparel
The Macro Lady


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Speakers 2024.jpg

2024 New England Frag Farmer's Market "Speakers" List​

In thinking about what people would like to see/hear about at the FFM this year, I thought it might be cool to have you guys decide what the "talks" would be about. So, the 2024 FFM is going to feature 3 Q & A sessions, rather than talks. You come with questions and the experts that I brought in will answer your questions. Good for any experience level and represents a variety of topics! Hopefully you enjoy this new take on the "Reef Show Talks." Best of all, they are, as usual, free to attend!

12pm - Eric Litvinoff and Mike Guyot, Facilities Managers and Teachers at the Marine Science Magnet High School in Groton CT are going to a session on coral propagation and frag tank set-up. They are going to share some cool info that they have observed about coral placement within a frag tank, especially in relation to other corals to increase growth, share some fragging techniques and answer questions about coral fragging, frag tank set-up and coral placement within a tank.

1pm - Lou Ekus of Tropic Marin is one of the most knowledgeable people you will ever run into when it comes to reef tank chemistry and his explanations for things are down to earth enough to be understood by everyone. He is going to share some information on reef tank chemistry and take questions about anything and everything reef chemistry related.

2pm- Andrew Sandler, CEO of Polo Reef by Andrew Sandler, maintains the largest privately owned reef tank in the US and is an active participant in maintaining it. He will give a brief update on the tank and Polo Reef and then take questions from the group about his tanks, experiences in reef keeping and Polo Reef's latest endeavors.

So, come ready with questions for any and all of our "speakers" as they have agreed to come in and share their knowledge with you in the small group setting. Hope to see everyone at the 2024 New England Frag Farmer's Market at E.O. Smith High School on March 2nd!
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With less than a week to go, let's start the fun! It's time for the High Roller Raffle announcement! I started this a few years ago to reward the people who support the program and FFM by buying lots of raffle tickets. I reached out to a bunch of vendors to see if they could help me put together a few packs of amazing frags that we could do a separate raffle for- and the high roller raffle was born! This is one of the most amazing aspects of the FFM. These vendors below all donated an additional frag/nem/etc… into this just to support the FFM. Some even donated multiple things!!!
Here is how the High Roller Raffle will work this year. The first 50 people who buy $100, or more in raffle tickets, will get a numbered 2024 FFM Chip (more on those tomorrow!). That number is your H.R.R. entry number. When we sell all 50 spots, we will start picking numbers from the 50 entrants. First number picked gets first choice, second picked gets second choice, etc… This is completely independent of the main raffle. The $100 in tickets can still be used to enter to win other prizes, so you can win here and win in the main raffle too!!!



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