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Does the Trident work? Yes of course it works, quite well for our purposes.

I think the issue is what sort of problems do people have with it?

Ordering supplies (reagents) was a bit difficult about a year ago
You need to regularly clean the tubes/device as described by the manufacturer

Aside from that, it is an incredible improvement in maintaining home aquariums.


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Depends, what are your intentions for your tank? If you plan on just softies or fish only then no, you don’t need it. What size is your tank? If it’s a nano or a glass jar then no. This instrument is only “worth it” if you make use of its purpose. So if your a full on sps or reef tank and you need to keep your parameters in check and are tried of the test kits, then yes, you need this and it is well worth it.


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I concur. Trident is the only reason I still have a tank. I get sick of constant testing and accuracy has been 90+% spot on. If something happens then I knew or have an idea what likely caused the bad reading so after a year+ with it. I recommend it.

I wouldn't dose based off of it. I dose using a standalone doser, eshopps. Which I adjust accordingly.

I follow the curve instead of hard numbers. If I can make the parameters stable and limit the curves than that's all I care for. Aim for stability not chase numbers.

I do test every 1.5 months with a Hanna to check accuracy and have been spot on each time.

So if you hate testing, you have a mixed reef with thousands of dollars in corals, worth it? 100%

If you don't like trident, reefbot, mastertronics kr alkatronic, KHg, all have a place in the ultimate goal. Stability.


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Alternatively you could just use balanced additives such as Kalk, Calcium Reactor, or all for reef and then just automate alkalinity. Calcium becomes less of an issue with minor adjustments this way.

You would have less to automate and break. Magnesium can be test monthly in most cases anyway.
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i find trident helps for me
as a lazy reefer no one likes to test all the time
i look at my tank everyday and i still wouldn’t catch the alk swings my trident catches which would def be detrimental to an sps dominant tank
i never thought i would keep sps but now i’m addicted i went from fish and xenia and caps to high end sps
you can def do it manually but for me i don’t trust myself to keep testing
and when your corals grow they consume more alk and so you would need to still adjust and test
just my 2 cent’s
trident and calcium reactor were my two best investments in the last few years

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