Propagating Mushrooms and Zoanthids


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Seeing as how I'm new to the reef thing, I'd like a ask a couple of (probably dumb) questions.
1) How do you prop. soft mushrooms? A buddy of mine gave me a small rock with some beautiful red 'shrooms that have absolutely covered the rock and i would like to spread them out. LFS said you just split them with a razor blade and stick 'em somewhere else. What do you glue them with? Does it matter how you cut them?

2) The aforementioned LFS also sold me a beautiful zoanthid-covered rock, also small in size. I was wondering if there is an easy way to prop. this as well.




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Hey John,
I've found the easiest way to prop mushrooms is also the simpliest way: to lay rubble rock around the mushrooms. Once the shrooms grow unto the adjacent rocks, you can easily remove it and trade/sell it. Cutting is simply too messing and ineffective.

Zooanthids usually rip right off in little "clusters." You can then glue them on rocks with super glue gel, wedge them in small holes, or tie them down with rubberbands or monofilament line. Of course, the same trick of putting rocks around them works for zooanthids as well.

Hope this gave you some ideas.


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I've had great luck propagating mushrooms, one of the easiest to cut from my experience.

You have two methods. First is just to use an x-acto or scalpel or razor and just cut each mushroom in half from `above'. Just slice through the mouth.

Worst case, it heals back up as one. Otherwise it causes it to split in two.

The other method would be lopping the `top' off [leaving the bottom/neck part still attached to rock] and then slicing the top like a pizza into multiple pieces. These then I'd put in a glass/plastic cup with some large substrate [like cc] or very small rocks and putting nylon bridal veil over the top of the glass and rubberbanding it in place. For a description of this method, check my thread at:

But I've found mushrooms to be a great `first propagation' coral. Very easy and hardy ... generally great success. Zoo's are a little trickier, IMO greater possibilities of harming them in process ... though many have great luck with them I'm more of the `put rocks around the edges of them, wait for them to grow on rocks, and slice the connective tissue' method.

Good luck!