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Advanced Reefer
Warren, OH
Hey Reefers! Lets talk Scolymia!

Scolymia, or Scoly for short, are an extremely well known and popular LPS coral in our hobby! These little, circular corals are renowned for their show stopping appearance and relatively easy care requirements, making them popular choices for Reefers! All of our Scoly that we have ever had, come from the waters surrounding Australia!

Scolys will thrive in your reef given the right conditions and nutrition! We keep our Scolys under moderate lighting. Proper water flow is essential for Scoly, to prevent detritus buildup on top of their flesh! However, excessive flow can stress them out, so a moderate and indirect water flow is recommended!

One of the most desired and legendary aspects of Scoly, is their INCREDIBLE range of coloration. These corals come in a wide spectrum of colors like green, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, and yellow!Usually combining together to create one of a kind patterns on each individual Scoly! Some well known types of Scolys that are highly sought after include Master Scolys, Bleeding Apples, Superman, War Paints, and UFOs! There is a never ending combination of colors when it comes to Scolys, with CRAZY new specimens popping up all the time! Click HERE to check out some of the most recent wild finds on Reefbuilders!

Like most corals, Scoly get their energy from both photosynthesis and physically capturing food in mouths or polyps! Regular spot feeding is essential for long-term care and a happy, healthy Scoly! As they LOVE to eat! We spot feed our Scoly a couple times a week, feeding a mixture of brine and mysis shrimp that they go crazy for! It is quite a spectacle to watch Scoly open up and feed! Check out a timelapse of one HERE! Their outer coloration might be wild, but gets even cooler when they open up and show off their internal colors!

Scolymia can make for a stunning addition to your reef tank! They quickly become Reefer's most prized possessions, and it is easy to tell why! Always wanted a Scoly? Or want to add to your collection? Take a look at some of our new, stunning, and available Scolys below! Incredible pieces that you won't want to miss out on. Don't forget, they are all up to 70% off during our Memorial Day Sale! Click any of them to shop instantly.

We hope you enjoy, and have a great long weekend!

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