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Warren, OH
Hey Reefers! Let's talk Torches!

Torch corals are easily one of the most well known LPS corals, and some would argue the king of the Euphyllia, which covers Torch, Hammers, and Frogspawn! These flowing corals are originally from the waters of Indonesia, Western Australia, and Tonga, and have made a lasting impact on our saltwater aquarium industry!

The most distinctive and famous features of Torch are their long, fleshy, tentacle-like polyps that ripple and move in the flow of your aquarium! These polyps come in a variety of colors, including shades of green, gold, purple, orange and more, fluorescing under blue lighting! Although their appearance can vary depending on the specific region. With some such as Indo Torch, having more pronounced polyps, and Western Aussie and Tonga having shorter ones!

The tips of these long polyps can also be beautifully colored, but beware, as they can pack a punch if they come into contact with another type of coral! Nonetheless, the color combination between the polyps and polyp tips can be mesmerizing to watch in the flow! Especially on a big colony or a large group of them!

Like most corals, they get their color and nutrients from the photosynthetic zooxanthellae they posses, but they can also benefit from occasional spot feeding with finer foods such as mysis and brine shrimp! We keep our torch in moderate to high lighting, and plenty of moderate flow, but not too much!

Aquaculturing Torch corals has become extremely common throughout our hobby, by fragging single heads and growing them out! Torch start to grow several branching heads, similar to branching Hammers. Where one can be cut and given the opportunity to grow more! Torch are also well known to spawn in well established aquarium systems, populating through reproduction as opposed to growing and fragging! Check out an awesome Torch spawning event we had here at The Shop a few years ago! HERE

Swaying Torch polyps have been captivating hobbyist for decades, and don't show any signs of stopping anytime soon! They can be amazing additions to a reef tank, and a awesome experience to keep! If you are interested in diving even deeper into Torch corals, check out a tremendous article on the past, present, and future of Torch in our hobby on Reefbuilders HERE!

You can view our great selection of stunning Torch by visiting our website! We included a few of our favorites currently in stock down below, but click any photo to shop them all instantly! Thanks so much for checking out our Saturday Spotlight, and have a great weekend!
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