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Start your euphillia Garden Today With one of our Awesome Packs . All packs comes with Free shipping, 2 hours DOA and 10 30am delivery. we also offer 4 payment 0% interest as well

Pack #1 FABULOUS TORCH PACK $450 ( neon tips torch ,orange tips torch , cotton candy , Dark Torch )


Pack #2 $450 ( indo gold with teal tips,One head neon tips ,One head Dark Torch ,One head hulk torch )


Pack #3 STAR TORCH PACK $450 ( blue tips Torch, cotton candy ,Dark Torch purple & neon tips )


Pack # 4 Alpha Pack $850( Sun God Torch, Indo gold With teal tips, Dark Torch, Neon Tips Torch, 2 heads Rasta torch and Cotton candy )


Pack # 5 $400 ( branching rainbow hammer ,branching pink hammer, branching orange hammer, Mariculture purple tips hammer )


Pack #6 $350 ( One Neon tips Fragspwan, one indo Fragspwan and orange octospwan )

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