More door busters!!!

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Hello Manhattan Reefs,

We have a large assortment of farm raised coral on sale that will run until the end of the month. Details can be viewed here. In addition, we also will also be running a few DOOR BUSTERS that will be on a countdown timer and can be viewed on our home page. The first of these will be $2.99 Jedi Mind Trick montis. This amazing price will end Saturday the 8th mid day and will be replaced with another highly discounted door buster on a count down timer. We will continue doing this throughout the month so prepared to be dazzled!!

Jedi Mind Tricks now just $2.99 per frag. HURRY HURRY

Some other examples of whats currently on sale include...

25% off Sexy Corals Orange Passion

18% off Pacman acropora!!

28% off Space Invaders Pectinia!!!

50% off Sunny D's!!!

Shipping is only $29.99 and FREE on orders over $199 ;)

Thanks for looking,
Cultivated Reef