20%-50% Black Friday deals NOW!!!

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Hey Manhattan Reefs,

We have some incredible deals waiting for you at Cultivated Reef. I'll get right to the highlights...

20%-50% off all coral and inverts with a rotating timed door buster that will be as much as 93% off!!!
Low shipping of just $29.99 and free shipping on orders over $199!
This offer will last for the rest of November but our stock may not so hurry!!!

Our first rotating timed door buster is a 76% off CR's Electric Myagi Tort.
This offer ends on Tuesday so hurry!

Some other amazing deals is 50% off ATL Appleberry Palawanesis frags!

25% off Limeade Shortcake frags! These are captive farmed and not fragged from wild colonies ;)

Also $19.99 Fairy Tale zoos!

40% off Pink Boobie frags

We even have have a bunch of designer clown fish now on sale. CLICK HERE to take a look :love:

Thankful looking and considering us as your Black Friday coral fix!!
Cultivated Reef