Durso is acting up


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its been a while since I posted, but here is my latest issue...

My drain seems to get an air bubble or some sort of backpressure that prevents it from draining. To fix the problem I just lift the drain hose up and out of the water and then it works fine, until a couple weeks later it will happen again. The return chamber in my sump is small enough that I am not risking an overflow, but it does make my pump run dry and the water isn't getting filtered or skimmed. This also isn't a huge issue as the tank is in the office and I have already trained the secretary on how to fix it. However, if it happens over a long weekend I am not sure what condition we would find the tank in when we got back to work.

Here is what I have done so far...

1. Aspirated the durso with some airline tubing (didn't work)
2. Replaced the drain hose with a new one incase it was fouled (didn't work)
3. Opened the valve on the T on my return line a bit to lower the flow through the tank (also didn't work)
4. Cursed loudly and repeatedly at the tank (didn't work but made me feel better)

any thoughts?


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Have you checked inside the durso to see if anything was clogging the actual pipe? Is the drain line completely submerged?