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Hi everyone,

Been into marine fishkeeping for almost 15 years and recently had a decomm while moving houses.
Now I'm looking to get back again but faced with challenge I have had for years.

Previous incarnations of my predatory tank involve feeding freshwater ghost shrimp a marine diet for a few days before releasing them for feeding.
This is a little painstaking so the aim is to feed only say once every 3 days.
I do not see any other way as if one feed frozen, some fish (eels in particular) will get out competed and I end up with a super fat grouper and lionfish.
Getting to the point - seeking opinions on the feeding regime above, and predatory fish that do not require daily feeding.

- from experience the Polleni is the tamest and easiest to comm.
- Variola Louti (moon grouper) and minata are almost impossible to comm with any similar (sometime not even similar) bodied fish.

- Volitans - beautiful but simply eats too much
- Dwarf - hard to feed

- a small school with dimmed lightings could look nice.

- any experience with NOT feeding them everyday? Which species remain calm and won't wreck havoc on tankmates?

- out competed for food all the time.



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