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Our January meeting will be Saturday, January 21 at the Imaginarium from 3 pm to 5 pm. Alan Heath from Red Sea will be our guest speaker.

Alan Heath started his professional career in the marine aquarium industry in 1985.Inspired by the original articles written by George Schmidt in FAMA
magazine that brought the idea of full blown reef aquariums to the US, he has owned and worked with reef aquariums since that time. He spent 9 years
working at a store maintaining and building aquariums then went on to own his own store for thirteen years. He since spent two years working for Ocean
Nutrition and has now been with Red Sea for two years. Alan spends all day every day talking about marine Aquariums.

Red Sea's approach to a complete solution for captive reef keeping.

This topic will cover salt manufacture and processes and explain why Red Sea produces their salt via a unique method. Also there will be information about the findings of red Seas five year research into the needs of corals in captive systems. This brought about a reformulation of both of our salts and produced an extremely concise and accurate means of controlling all of the important parameters in the captive reef aquarium.

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